014 Networking: What it is and isn’t, separating facts and myths

Show Notes

Networking for jobs is the #1 way to find with “right” career opportunities quickly. We all seem to know this to be true but somehow are unsure of how to do it well.

Scott and Andrew tackle the do’s the don’ts and ideas about how best to approach the art of professional networking and the skills to develop networking success.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • How do you define networking?
  • Setting expectations to get the best results
  • What mindset you need to network well
  • How to built trusting professional relationships 
  • Where the resume shows up in the process 
  • How the process of networking works the best
  • What Networking IS, and, What Networking IS NOT
  • Myths and Reality of Networking

Resources (including affiliate links)

Givers Gain [Book], Ivan Misner, Ph.D‘Givers Gain’ Is a Standard, Not a Sword

The Power of Now [Book], Eckhart Tolle

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Anatomy of a Networking Conversation

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