032 Just Got a New Job and Another Offer Came In, What Now?

When the job market is tight, multiple offers for employment is fairly common. How do you work the logistics when you already accepted one and started work?

Scott and Andrew discuss the process for navigating the delicate discussion in this Episode of Job Seekers Radio..

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Steps to consider during your decision process.
  • Multiple offer handling ideas.
  • Components to consider when making your decision.
  • Personal inventory of values.
  • Communication and honesty in conversations.
  • Positioning and documenting on LinkedIn and resume.

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Looking to jobseekers radio I’m Andrew this is the podcast dedicated to providing meaningful support whether you’re working or not we’re coming to you live well not really like recorded in a beautiful which is a suburb of the city of rose city Portland job seekers radio were talking about the crazy time job market it is it kosher to leave a job after you just got one I will give you a qualified yes to keep in mind it if you have taken a job and you’re fairly young in if you haven’t been there very long can you get another offer it’s OK to consider taking it most companies that I have had experience with our So while it may not be what would choose while it may not be what they would have liked understand the value of you taking a better position for taking advantage of a better opportunity whenever there’s people involved he might go out the window organization could be mature but there may be a person in it so let’s just be clear we need to eat dinner by another better offer in front of you or are you the one is being mature or immature right is it a company being mature or immature as it being your boss you hit the nail on the head it’s a understanding whether or not this is the right opportunity if you do get the other offer is your opportunity to take a look at both jobs the one you just started everything we did the job is Direct course to a higher position and it may be that it’s a smaller company with room to grow or larger company with greater security the details of that second opportunity I would say move slowly be very careful because there’s no way to know if in fact it is a better job you may not be able to go back to it I take the new job is going to be appear on the surface to be but it could be that you just had a really persuasive persuasive hiring manager that as we say in the in the interview Go to game you have your players got Verizon because they want to look at it for you to work in the arena we talk about those who eat what are the reasons why it’s very important that as you take that first job trying to find out what happens behind yes the second job is the one you really wanted in the first place and it’s perfect for you if you don’t take a second job are you gonna be happy and the first not having gone for it It’s really important that you take into consideration all the things on both sides of the fence bit interesting firing really want to accomplish in your career it could be the two offers come up side-by-side and I have never seen that before there’s always been there in someway shape or form a connection to hire leadership principles that I feel like go that way is the right way to go it’s going to depend on the job if you are working is the kind of work are you don’t have much interaction with with your coworkers and that the networking with in the company really doesn’t happen that much there’s not that much interaction that it may be easier to stick with it the hardest part is win They really are is real and it’s going to set you up for more you just want the money and the ability OK just be honest about it if you’re not the one that’s motivated by one of the many can bring it you are motivated by what people do in terms of treatment well if there’s a part of your decision decision right there tonight to type job market if your position is really marketable it’s in the van whether or not the organization is aligned with that and if you don’t have your values there’s plenty of resources Down over many generations some people think about personality the color of your parachute or just curse of the others both have their value I would in deciding which job I take but it’s really interesting information if you know that the style preference or the personality of the person that you would be working for is going to be a good match to you you have to get into some of the detail near the surface and that person doesn’t always work out easily but once you start looking at the person demonstrate what is it motivates you Got the job or the opportunity reputation management process the one that I want to work or leave the one that I have without burning a bridge actually engaging in having honest conversations with you to the dance is a good idea I didn’t expect it to come in will you might’ve expected it but it came looks really good I’m not sure I can bring it down and dad just being honest about it we we were talking before we started recording about the idea that I got this other offer and what was it that you were told when you have a second offer come in they told me do you have any boxes If your attitude is one that you are doing your level best to make it right by the parties that you want both of them to have a good experience so what does the future look like let’s say you made that decision you kind of smooth over the bridges as best you can and now you’re moving to the new one I think the did the reputation of profile and your resume what are you tell people at a background check and how do you handle all of those things comes in the play I will always come back to be honest just be honest people understand these things happen and what I told my kids was there is no truth that I cannot handle did you tell me the truth I will look This job I want you to succeed that’s why I’m being honest with me gets honesty back be honest with both parties let them know what’s going on putting together your resume through that process application on your side to include in six months if you got continuous employment otherwise I am and if people were to ask what happen in two months so I would do the same I just make sure your resume in early dinner pretty much lined up so that you’re not miss leading anybody through this process All the show notes and resources get jobseekers radio.com/032 everybody for joining us for this episode of jobseekers radio your investment of time and attention subscribe to get the future episode is the snow how to make this podcast questions at all please ask we like to be able to work podcast answering the questions we do that we try not to miss anything someone else is on your mind and would be happy to respond until next time. Don’t close open doors and always look for ways to make positive contributions.

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