034 Starting a Job Seekers Networking Support Group

Attending a networking support group isn’t always convenient or meeting your needs. Scott and Andrew discuss the finer points on creating your own group.

Listen to the podcast that makes a different in your career acceleration by establishing your own job club.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Overcoming thoughts of inadequacy
  • Finding the right location
  • Time investments and scheduling
  • Group member identification and personality
  • Structure, format, agenda, and expectations
  • Being an effective meeting moderator
  • Recruiting leadership and assigning meeting tasks to others
  • Foster an environment that is similar to your personality 
  • Promotion and advertising made easy
  • Qualities of successful groups

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Today on jobseekers radio were talking about how to create your own job seekers group we know that they’re going to be some of our audience members who don’t have access to a job group or they don’t have they don’t know of one they’ve done their search they talk to different people and there just isn’t one in your area we want to encourage people to start a wrong they shouldn’t feel as if there is no one out there that can help them there is because there’s always going to be others who are also looking for work it’s simply getting in touch with creating your own actually gives you a sense of purpose and a bit out of control when you have choices Employees freedom John with more who wrote Coaching for performance talks about this as you provide your self or others choices of what they can do it gives them a sense of empowerment and Dent needs they are free to make the choice or not so in doing this you’re actually creating your own access to the help you need by reaching out to people who are either super situation I think of a lot of the groups that we participated in over the years and a lot of those really they were organic in their creation and somebody was out of work or looking for work and he met somebody else who is out of work and looking for work and said hey let’s get together and make it might’ve been something very simple it’s just two people meeting for coffee once a week we’ve talked in the past about the beers network here in Portland it was a small group of executives at the same time who are getting together for a beer It really is that easy don’t overthink it I don’t think it’s going to be the song perfect group everything is going to be in order we are going to give you some guidelines some things here from our experience that it actually helped us build a group that is successful we wanted to start with logistics you know how do you set it up and where do you have it what are your thoughts on where I think it’s really important to do what works for you I guess there isn’t a group out there that that is available or accessible van as you create won’t do what works for you select the dates times locations that works for your schedule if you have family for example and you can’t be too far from home are usually places where you can meet at a coffee shop there often a great way to start out sooner than even have a small meeting room where if you talk to the manager there often But did you could get started there we have landed in the local shopping mall it’s indoors they have café tables it’s open to the public from early in the morning for mall walkers this is another thing that you can do as long as you’re not breaking any rules and that the space is public and available find it be creative but do what works for you just draw a circle around your house maybe one or 2 miles from your house OK there’s probably a library there I’ve seen them I’d be held at my real estate office when I selling real estate we could’ve been at a title company is another place that could be one of a number of places when they have room if it’s going to be at a time when it was in your office is we met before the office actually opened you would be there to open up the door so we could get in but Who is that you have a regular rhythm that you have the meeting every so often so if it’s you wanted we put it together every other week and we make sure it’s every other week so the people can start if they haven’t been there to experience our networking group they want to know if they can come by check it out see if it works and if they don’t know anybody making it hard to find it’s going to keep the numbers down we want to consider how accessible that is to everyone and if they win defined you as well as where it’s going to make it easier that brings up time and I know one of the things when I was moderating Breakfast Club at the first it started at 8 o’clock and it went for two hours and didn’t get over till 10 and it may be a little jittery because I was building a real estate business and that was it Illuminated a bunch of people that were just using it as a diversion a time waster OK whatever and it helped give them back the day so that they could go now and still have their day was not wasted two exactly some of the groups that I’ve been in the past when they hold them in mid afternoon we would have people not show up to those because they had interviews will pile meets go to the interview if you have to make a choice between the job club and interview I would air towards the interview with 100% because if that’s going to lead you to your next dream job would be to prioritize networking group over that but with that said when you create your room make it less likely to dig into people schedules with their interviews are going to happen and that’s going to differ on where you are By creating a job group that is web-based I can reach all those other people who prefer that web based environment as well so if you’re not necessarily wasting your time exactly so that brings it to an agenda and this is something that I’ve seen used differently in different groups it so this might be a determining factor for how you put together yours is it if you’re starting a group go visit a bunch of different groups and see what you like about each one in and maybe if there is an any I guess you’d be creating one but that’s a good way to go and find what works and what doesn’t for you is by visiting these other group rate and if you need advice on putting this together I would recommend looking for job seekers groups in other communities rule area outside of Seattle you can actually find jobseekers groups in Seattle and see if you can contact them to There’s an agenda and regroup does a little bit differently I will say for an effective meeting in the job that is generally prefer it gives you an idea of what you’re going to be talking about and how to stay on task that’s not going to be true in a group like this necessarily however if that kind of work you’re looking for is one it is the type that uses agendas by all means replicate your business environment and us to a certain degree while being open to others to join it gives them a sense that this is business oriented John group and that really helps everybody and it gives each participant maybe a job to do it so they having an agenda or you might have a certain on the time allotted for each person won’t you could have a timekeeper that give somebody value who likes to keep time you could have somebody taking notes or a straight answer you give that person something to do and the more refined you Baby standing up on her these groups is getting to a point where I could run itself always come back to what works for you because the chances are good that Dan is going to work for other people as well and every group is different it’s going to have its own brand it’s going to have its own look and feel if you will so again if you’re starting out with what works for you with the idea that you’re not the only one who’s going to appreciate that it’s going to be able to build organically but you’re also going to need to have some kind of focus so for example when ours the breakfast club add into the mix and accountability piece and it’s not that we are going to hold her power attendees accountable they are holding themselves accountable and we simply facilitate that that’s one of the differentiators for hours find the differentiator for you and focus on that whether it’s industry related whether it’s community related That may not work every time but if you can get it to work once a month once every other month whatever that might be it makes things interesting and people want to keep coming and so is mentioning before breakfast club and how it had taken 200+ that we are having 3040 people in the room and he was just getting unmanageable that’s when I actually in introduce the idea of accountability the same people keep showing up to the meeting they’re not progressing they’re not changing you’re not really doing anything except show up to the meeting which is good. It’s something something I get that he was frustrating for me though is it a moderator to see people coming back in so I made a New Year’s resolution I was going to be the last guy sitting at the table and it backfired on me because it soon as I instituted accountability into the group more people start showing up right where do you think that it will We made such a point of letting people know we are not judging over here for but you’re making a promise to yourself now you will get a job as fast as you put that the effort into it if we can help increase that effort without it being so there’s a couple components and breakfast club that will share with you that I think help makes it effective each person is given a certain a lot of mountain time to speak with opportunity to share a branding message I think it’s really important that if you’re out networking and you’re trying to position yourself in the marketplace for a certain job opportunity that having a branding message is really critical to your success rate and if you don’t know what that looks like do a Google search believe me there’s plenty of information online that can help you put something together now that’s not going to be a situation where you write it out and suddenly it’s brilliant as possible but that doesn’t happen very often usually And getting people interested to come get out there fine with that branding statement looks like both in terms of the job you’re looking for your own job search as well as the group and also if you do create the group don’t be afraid that you’re not gonna be able to let it go if you get the job you will be the idea is getting more people involved who can help you lead it and then you can come back to it as time permits we also do after Britney Steve and we really wanted to have an idea of what time maybe job titles are companies that people are targeting so we can help facilitate that process so if you deliver a branding message target companies people are more than happy or at least enticed to make an introduction for you to people which might be the whole purpose of limitations for example in time that’s going to be dependent upon how many people show up so if you’ve set aside an hour and a half and one person shows up Helps your group the most fin set aside the time for brainstorming where people could just get to spend their first three minutes just throwing ideas out there and make it a fun experience people want to come back it’s fine I also think people are looking for feedback because in the marketplace if you’re doing applications and resumes and you’re not hearing anything you’re not getting feedback it’s a people dog should be a place where people can come share their messaging her serve sure their stuff and get solid feedback from somebody objective and maybe outside of the French word of wisdom if you’re putting your own group together you will undoubtedly have someone come to your group who is a rambler they just talk and talk and talk and while there is a place for that and I don’t mean that to sound like they shouldn’t come there welcome but there are times when you’re going to have to help them get to the point Rambling won’t feel like such a shock or an interruption didn’t know that this is part of the rules and that they should expect some kind of help wrapping it up so that’s one thing as a moderator you want to be prepared for fortunately I can tell you it doesn’t happen often most of the time it’s manageable Scott are you done talking I am moderator to get Scott the OK corral them maybe that’s the brand new piece of it in in the process of some ideas or thoughts around any gender focus or you might consider for your group next up maybe promoting it is getting the word out that it’s available and you want people to come if this is one of the most daunting parts of creating a group and I’m here to tell you it is not as difficult as it sounds we often don’t like to promote ourselves Your podcast back it’s a little intimidating to start out so think about where you spend your time if you’re on Facebook you could create a page on Facebook for your group of friends we talk about it it’s a fantastic resource to put your group it’s free of charge and I am surprised at how popular it has become people actually use it so I highly recommend event bright to forward information about your group breakfast club actually gets one or two registrations every week it’s not it’s working for us and we have people coming because of it in the community so I know that people are looking at similar to Meetup which is another one different areas will use these differently so California meet up is more social than his business networking number Might also be good people to promote the group today or not about idea to send people messages through LinkedIn to help them understand what your group is and how to promote it maybe even inviting people to come but if you’re talking to the replacement companies or get a temporary agencies have been out if they are doing it it may give them the idea to start one takes the pressure off you that’s great good idea we’re going to share an hour maybe some ideas or thoughts about keys to success with how this group can survive for longevity purposes or maybe I should say survive but now it’s been my experience showing you lose a leader or apply to read or somebody that particular church and ultimately it’s OK because there will always be an opportunity to bring it back if there’s a need the one thing I will say Do you want this meeting to go and allow the input to come but if someone is coming in and challenging now to say BB for your leader be the leader you want one characteristic of all good leaders is your ability to listen as your starting out you may want to listen to with the group needs might be and see if you can accommodate that by doing so you may end up getting more people coming because you do go buy one person recommend someone else come as well coming back to the idea that not every group fits every individual as you’re listening listen for the things that one you can do better to get me a complement to what you’re already doing look for ways to involve them so it’s not just listening to the words you actually want to without losing your own identity and you know you Hey maybe there’s only three of you will be able to help group if you end up going on vacation and interviewer would have you there’s always something that might come out that would lead you to position of needing another person to help you out right and if you’re already assigning different duties within the group since the weather is the time keeper or the person taking the notes these are often people who attend step up and actually help moderate if you could be there well thank you for joining us for this episode of jobseekers radio we have shown it to resources available jobseekers radio.com/034m

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