081 Overcoming Self Doubt In Your Job Search

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Is your job search not going the way you want? Feeling like your skills aren’t up to snuff? Scott and Andrew discuss ways to mitigate your self-doubt.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Remember this: You have value! and.. Everyone has doubts!
  • Identify and manage your self-doubt.
  • How to think about job postings when you don’t fit because you are either underqualified or over-qualified?
  • Build resilience by taking productive breaks in your search.
  • The danger of absolutism with your mindset and approach.
  • Redefine your perspectives to see what’s positive about it.
  • The Never Ending Job Search, how to think about whether will it ever end.
  • Doing things for others can become a useful diversion.
  • Nobody is hiring or Hiring Freeze doubts.
  • Role of networking in reducing your doubt feelings.

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Welcome to job. Seekers Radio I’m Andrew. This production is meant to provide you. Meaningful support is a listener to find a great career faster whether you’re working or not. Today’s episode is brought to you by the anatomy of a networking conversation e book. It’s a free resource. You can download at job. Seekers radio DOT COM in today’s show. We’re talking about overcoming self doubt in your job search what I’ve found in recent times, is it? There’s a lot of doubt in the marketplace. You have value. That’s what I’m going to start with. You have value. It’s just finding the place where you can use your that can use your value. Yes, and who will appreciate your value absolutely, so we’re going to talk today about some top doubts and some solutions some things that you can do to resolve some of those doubts or mitigate them or worthy. Get your right, and that’s that’s where I wanted to start. Love the idea you have value find the place that acknowledges that appreciates at the same time. Understand that everyone has self downed everyone. Again if you have no fear, no doubt then the you may be disordered. The idea of self doubt is so universal that overcoming. Self doubt really is the key. It is not eliminating you won’t. Recognizing learning to manage, it is a far greater more important skill, then trying to eliminate it because it’s not going to happen. It may be evidence of empathy and compassion. Actually that you’re downing doing something because it might impact somebody else that’s great could be. Necessarily if we’re talking your language right now and your job seeker listening to this session, or perhaps your energy job in your just unsure your next move, you might be dealing with things like you know. Do I meet these requirements of this role. Will the interviewers like me right will ever find a good job as good or bad as the last one I’ve had in, and can there be anything better. Maybe it’s I’m current with ’em. Current with the job market are my sills valued right? You’re questioning things then you’re in the right place I would agree. You’re in the right place. So the first one that we really think about here’s job requirements and many of the people that I coach will look online postings right. They’ll look at. Do An inventory as great analytical do. Because I work with a lot of analytical engineers that sorta chicken they they liked to deconstruct the job description and say do I fit? Do I not fit? AM? I? Interested? Am I not. Doubt right this. Look at that and say well. You Know I. Don’t mean one hundred percent of the requirements so I’m not gonNA apply for that I’ll tell you from an HR perspective job. Descriptions are wish in most cases now it’s true that some companies will create the job description based on the person doing the job, so it’s just listing out the things that this person is currently doing, and there’s a reason for that and I’m not knocking that when they are then looking for the replacement, they will look at all of the things that that person. And then they want the next step up. However wonderful that person may have been, they still want the next one to be even greater, and so they’re looking at this and and making everything sound Rosie remember that a job description is the wishlist with their posting it online. You were the one that came up with the study Do you remember where that there was a study done? Interestingly enough by a company that would make applications on behalf of candidates right so the? They would just do that automatically for them I don’t know if there was some back end system that did that or a bottle, or if it was actually people just typing these. These things in for you copy paste because all that is really to put your stuff in down in an ats applicant tracking system is data entry, so you’re highly qualified. If you’ve done at least what fifty applications for data entry job, right? The idea was the tract everything when they applied and when they got responses and they they actually mapped out that people who meet somewhere between fifty I think it was fifty eight to ninety percent requirements that that range is what got interviews and people below fifty percent, or somewhere in that area were just as likely not to get an interview somebody who is ninety to ninety five per one hundred percent. And you think about that. If if this is a wishlist, somebody has all those skills they may be over qualified for the position, and so that may not get the attention I think it’s important to remember that your skill set is unique to you. It does have value and finding the organization that values it will take some time effort.

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It’s critically important to your happiness, and there’s if you’re of the opinion that it doesn’t matter if I’m happy as long as they’re happy. I will be. You, really need to be careful walking down that road. I’ve also heard that doubt that is in somebody’s mind. I’m over qualified for that role, and that’s kind of I. Think it different kind of out in that. If I apply for this thing, they’re not going to ask me in. Because I’m overqualified. That’s more of A. I. Don’t know if that’s EGO or Well, there’s there. You know it’s still the. Yeah there’s fear involved in probably because those of us who have been in that situation where we applied for job that was lower than the one we left. Yes, we’re over qualified for that job, but. The Way I actually landed lower position job was. By explaining why I was applying for it in the first place. That afforded me. I was in a time in my life when I didn’t want the responsibility of managing a large team, and for good reason, all I needed was to have the conversation with them as to why it’s a reasonable doubt that you would get as many interviews by being terribly overqualified, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get an interview. Networking going to help strengthen the ties to that. If you know somebody on the inside, who can let the the recruiter or hiring manager now? Hey, I know somebody who has overqualified this for this position, but it’s actually what he’s looking for. Networking is going to definitely benefit, and if you’re at one end of the spectrum, Hey, I, don’t have the skill to match that role so I’m not going to apply, but then the other end of that spectrum is I’m overqualified. GonNa apply anyway just so I can have an application, and then in both of those cases. You don’t get an interview right so you may be a perfect fit for one of those roles. That’s kind of in the middle. And you don’t get the interview or you don’t get any response. You get nothing ghosted. Call whatever you want our. Then it just kind of fans, the flames of doubt that you have the skills necessary to be successful in the marketplace now in pursuing things like education or certification or Gosh. I need to retool because you presume that because somebody has not answered your request on an Ats that you are somehow doubting your skills right and I, think that’s very dangerous and very expensive and very expensive yet normal dangerous expensive. I I completely agree with you. I. Think about those who? Disliked the free phrase. Give up because most people looking for work. Don’t give up I know I. said this in prior podcasts at times. It’s good to take a break. Define how much time you’re just not going to to look for while take a rest because you’re more prepared then after that rest to put the energy back into it, but it also gives you an opportunity to start thinking differently sort of in the mind of resilience. If you keep thinking the same thoughts and you keep getting the same results. That’s going to start feeding itself if you take that break and allow yourself to let go of the doubt. Two. But to just accept it for what it is, and then to think about what could happen, that would be good. Allow yourself to think on that for a while. You’re probably going to get back into that job. Search with a renewed sense of energy and drive and something just popped into my mind is we’re producing this right now? Is that Hey, my mind even wanders when people are talking. Start thinking about different things I hear a dog bark in the Vafa. It’s not in. It doesn’t doesn’t have anything to do with. You Scott has everything to do with this this this mind of mine that just kind of can wander. Everybody and something I’ve seen you. Do you probably down you? Write your ideas down. Yeah, I have to. Because, my my head is a scary place. And and my memories good, but it’s not perfect, yeah. I like about doing that if I’m taking notes of the idea that popped into my head, I can then. Pay More attention to the person who’s speaking and I let people know. Hey I’m going to be taking notes while we’re talking doubt doubt. I doubt I’m going to get an interview now. This often comes from people that we interact with it. Breakfast club that have been looking for a long time, right? They feel like they’re doing all the right things and many times they are and many times they are, but they’re just not getting an interview, and so they get to a point in their search where they feel like.

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I’m never gonNA find anything. From that point of absolute anytime used never or always or any of these admirably right, it’s all absolute, and there is no absolute. Well I guess there are some. Like death and taxes and stuff like that, but no taxes are still in choice. You can go to jail. Lose your. Life. But. It’s still there. It’s still there, but I’m thinking about okay I doubt I’m ever going to get an interview, because my my never ending job search, and so I feel that there’s a point at which there some insecurity that enters the equation because of their doubt I’ve been there I know people who have been unemployed longer than I was. But I was unemployed for three years at one point during the recession, and that was a tough tough time. It messes with your head. Talk about self doubt and wondering if I’m even higher, -able absolutely goes through went through my mind, constantly two things that I did I talked to the people cared about me. Who are actually supporting the at the time because I was one of those where I had no money laughed, my family was helping me. There was also the idea of never give up. You just don’t give up. Keep moving forward and Dick warn guy here. In Portland, that I met at the time who was giving me a lives. We were having a networking coffee together, and he was the one that gave me the definition of progress of movement towards a worthy goal. And pointing out the fact that it doesn’t matter if it’s. Three miles three yards three millimeters. It is still progress towards the worthy goal. Don’t give up. And I finally got a job, and it was exactly the job I was looking for, and did it last forever. No nothing does, but that’s the other part of that lesson. Is this period that you’re in? How ever doubtful you may be about? Your prospects is the situation you’re in right. Now will change if you haven’t read Eckert Talas the power of now read it. It is only the situation you’re in. It does not define who you are, so it does not define. Your value does not define your ability to be hired. It is simply the situation you find yourself in now. Don’t give up. That is great. I would also recommend considering how you can use that as fuel because a lot of times you get into that situation. You don’t think there’s an end and there is a learning, but use your situation as fuel to do things that you maybe wouldn’t consider doing before like. I think that’s probably one of the things that drew you to breakfast, Club. Not that you’re looking at different job, search groups and untrue, you were I was going to as many as I can go. Job Is at here. You’re in a situation where you know. If you don’t continue doing something than you. You get what you get as my wife says you don’t throw a fit for. You, don’t you? Don’t put something in you. Don’t get anything out. That’s a great memory. I think about our frankly on who actually was the one that put me in touch with you to get involved with breakfast club. And it gave me an opportunity to get back into leading something because I had come out of the leadership role, it got me back into taking the steps of working with people and helping them and leading them through whatever processes. It totally changed my perspective, doing something for other people became. The reason for me to get up at that morning. It was your turns. Able Yeah. Oxygen, so that somebody to take away from this, even though you may have anxiety in doubt and fear, and an uncertain t that doing something for someone else will yield positive results for you I know we were going to mention. Sit Not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Doing something for other people can be the light in the tunnel. You’re not looking at the end of the tunnel yet. You haven’t turned that corner, but it turns out the light. It can make a huge difference by just getting involved in something that is not. Job Related. It’s just getting up and doing something for other people. Yeah, the category, the never ending job search sometimes that doubt. that things just won’t get better I think some of us that have suffered a reduction in force. Understand that right, we understand the doubt that comes with that. I also know that you can retrain your mind to say that every time I’ve had that situation I’ve gotten something better and for me.

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That’s true now better means different things in each one of those situations sure and it may, it may be something you want it. That’s better. It may be something you haven’t considered. That is better, but it’s better than you expected. I think that’s a perfect and one of the ways you overcome. Doubt is looking for that. You look for what was better out of that situation while I’m no longer at this company. I don’t have to deal with that a hole in in. In Finance or or whatever you know. Or the toxic right whatever that is, it’s like if you start looking seeking out these positive things in a bad situation. That’s when you Kinda. Doubt and you’re able to do things that you didn’t think were possible now. We also made out that anyone is hiring today. I hear this a lot that you know. We have the pandemic and all the unrest, and all these people laying off and is done employment in forever right when you start hearing the headlines you start thinking. Wow, is anyone hiring of the answer is yes. Everybody’s I always assume right. My mindset mindset is everybody’s hiring, so if I think that that I know there’s opportunity especially at companies I’d. I’d love to work for so much of what we talk about. Really is nothing more than a mind game. It’s dealing with what’s going on between your own ears. So if that’s what gets, you started the idea of everybody’s hiring. Do it tell yourself everybody’s hiring. The point is most of the time. It’s true even if they don’t have an open position that they’ve posted on indeed, there are many companies out there that can hire you if you get in front of them. The challenge is getting in front of them. But. It doesn’t mean that they’re not hiring and that’s always been. The challenge has got is getting in front of the right people the right company at the right time. Is always been the challenge. And if you are getting in front of the right people at the right company, and it’s the wrong time, the right time is coming. Don’t burn the bridge. Do stay in touch all the things that we’ve been telling you in other podcasts. Build that relationship because when that time comes up, they will think of you and if they don’t then. If you’re regularly keeping in touch with them, you will remind them what it does. Scott is an actually put you in a position of strength, because now I showed up early to an opportunity that not maybe not exist right now. in the reason that’s important is because the relationship has preceded the opportunities, and now you have things in the right order of operations. Meaning I’m not reaching out to somebody after something’s posted, and now I’m reacting, and what kind of reputation of I developed, and now it got the order of operations all wrong and the likelihood of me getting that opportunity has diminished I. think that’s absolutely right building the relationship. I is always going to help you. The other thing I hear. Is I doubt I doubt such and such company is hiring because they have a hiring freeze on, and that may be true. I’ve I’ve talked to people just within the HR world that there has been a moratorium on hiring that does not mean they’re not looking for you. It means that they may not be allowed to hire you in the way that they would normally want to or the using the their standard processes. I will say that even in a hiring freeze some organizations when there is when they haven’t need that, you can fill can get around that rule. Don’t not do your search because the company has a freeze, find someone inside that you can talk to about what the situation is now and whether or not you can do informational interview. Yes, just to find out what’s going on inside I I’m reminded of rich Lamotte who who wanted to work at Nike and when he wanted to work at ninety. Guess what they’re hiring hiring freeze, but as soon as a hiring freeze was lifted. When did he have? He had the reputation the other. He had the connections he’d have. We’ve mentioned him on a prior podcast so if you haven’t heard his name, it’s because you haven’t listened to the PODCASTS. What struck me about his story so profoundly? That when he was interviewing for the job, he got I believe it was for the one that he he landed. They thought he was already working. Because He. He spent so much time there on the campus. He was there all the time or often enough that they thought he was already employed. So if you’re looking at a company, especially a large company that’s well Silo D- that can happen to you as well, but don’t not reach out to them because you’ve heard.

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They have a hiring freeze. Bad Economic Times are still good times to get hired and that’s exactly. Exactly, the time you want to reach out to somebody, because then you’re not, you don’t have a veiled request right right? You don’t have that elephant in the corner called job It’s more organic conversation and actually works better for you sure, and if you’re opposed or at least resistant or hesitant to network, this should be good news for you because you don’t have to talk about the job in the corner I. I also think about those who are employed and are doubting their ability to get into the better role or the better company, or whatever that is now working going to help you there, too, because if you’re in a role where there are others at other companies in your same type of role and their networking organizations that already exist for that whether it’s sales research, they’re all out. Yeah HR there if there is A. A National Association get to that Association and start networking with your peers in other companies because you can talk about all the things that your current company is doing without giving any indication that you’re looking to get away, you can have those conversations where it is not the threat and people will see you in that nonthreatening way the idea when you ask someone if they know of any jobs. We all WANNA help. Instead. If you’re going with the idea of just, you’re working on something and you’re looking for information advice. It takes the pressure off the person that you’re talking to. We’re in a position to get promoted than hiring freeze comes in then maybe some of these external forces with the pandemic. Come in, and you stop all of your activity that position you for that promotion thinking it’s never going to happen right I. Doubt This will ever happen for me because of all these different things, so you’re not insulated whether you’re working or not. Just because you have job doesn’t mean you’re not going to be considered for a promotion in fact I. I can encourage I can encourage even more that just about every organization is not going to be the same once. This thing has processed good. They’re going to have to reorganize. They’re going to have to have new people hired. Why because they haven’t been hiring people that worked in go away. It might still be there and it might just be delivered or donning the white done in a different way to think there aren’t opportunities in your company means that you’re oblivious to reality one of the points I absolutely agree with you if you’re considering working for a company that is currently badly impacted by the pandemic or any of these. These other reasons and that they’ve had to furlough people when they come back their new self, they’re going to need people probably with new skills as well so if you are that person with a different skill set than the people that they had to let go. That may put you at the head of the line. Don’t ignore that possibility as well the more time you spend on the inside, talking to people about what’s going on in their organizations, the better your going to be prepared for presenting yourself as that person that they need. The process is set up properly with the relationship I and I will give you the same advice, folks. Folks that I’m giving to most of the leaders that I’m interacting right now whenever you’re in a pandemic or a crisis or things are uncertain, you need more communication, not less communication and in a job search or in a process where you’re trying to establish relationship during this time where we’re all remote, that means I need to communicate more through different methods that I may not comfortable with right to get what I want, do more communication and be alert and cautious. When you work from absolutes. We mentioned that so anything like never always these absolutes are going to trip you up and put you in a this all or none mentality. Just is not helpful in getting you to the next level in your career as those self-doubt start to to get the better of you, there are things you can do. We’ve talked about especially getting out of your own head. I’d say that’s probably your first step. So when you hear those absolute start to come in, that should be a cautionary flag for you. I need to get out of my head from it. Let that be your tool. The moment you sale I’m never going to okay time out. There should be like a referee inside your mind. That gray’s of whistle says Yo timeout I know I have to do that. Occasionally self-doubt, it’s normal. Overcoming self doubt is not the same as eliminating self-doubt, and it’s learning how to deal with it. Not Try to ignore it. And one of the resources you might consider actually that I hadn’t thought of is I.

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