012 The Follow-Up Process That Will Double Your Networking For Jobs

Networking is the #1 way to find hidden opportunities that go unadvertised. Follow-up becomes the most critical part of the networking process. .

By feeling grateful and demonstrating the gratitude in your words and actions – you will double the effectiveness of your search..

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Gratitude, the attitude and approach, the mindset  
  • Post-meeting strategies and ideas
  • How to create an audience experience
  • Others-focused contribution and offers of help
  • The Job Search Update
  • Personalizing your messages shows honor
  • Tools for tracking your search process and networking
  • What is the Gratitude Chain and how it can help you
  • How do you measure success of networking?
  • Asking permission for referral contact information
  • The importance of thank you notes and what to write

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Anatomy of a Networking Conversation

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