030 Survival Jobs: The Art of Underemployment

Many times in your life you might have taken jobs for different reasons. Occasionally, you will take a job that is just there for the money when you just have to have source of income. 

Scott and Andrew discuss the Art of Underemployment with a focus on Survival Jobs.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • What is a survival job.
  • What kind of stepping stone is this – and be honest.
  • How much of the truth you might share with employers
  • How to find and choose the right survival job
  • Identifying remote work alternatives
  • Value of networking to find survival jobs
  • The role of motivation in your decisions to take work
  • How to look at the idea of survival job

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We’re talking about how to leverage and under employed situation to your advantage we always start these kinds of conversations talking about motivation what is motivating you there are some easy ones I’ve been unemployed for a period of time and I really don’t have any savings left I need to bring some money and clearly you got to get a job and you don’t feel like you’re in your mind so having that income coming in situation or not I think is worth at least considering if you might be running Experience went long after my unemployment benefits ran out and I was living with family had been looking for that kind of work that I absolutely love doing it and I couldn’t find anything and finally got to take the next job became the next job I also think that I need a different kind of knowing that I had but if you did give me some clarity as I was moving forward I had to find something in fortunately this was an application I put in before that conversation happened but I think it impacted the way I interviewed for that job and you made a positive difference taking all kinds of different jobs I’ve been in situations where I needed and I took whatever came on Do you want to at least get in the ballpark having a clear Destiination to say OK yeah I know the Destiination is over there but this shirt and so even though that was identified as a survivor job for me I did not get all the prior thinking of survival but it turns out to be something exactly many times these can open doors of things you would never considered otherwise and I’ve known people who actually started a career through a similar situation where they just took a job to take the job and they liked it so well he grew into it into a career a lot of times job is really just I got to survive the holidays right got to survive this thing that’s coming up I remember when I was a kid my mom took a job back in the days when people could live on one income And so does your survival jobs in the sense that you’re surviving and getting what you want not just kinds of things we come back to the question of motivation it it’s important I think to set it up knowing what is motivating you to do this if it’s something that you really don’t need that I would be great but then when the stakes are high need to be a little more careful about talking a lot about the podcast about having choices so let’s not overlook the fact that sometimes people don’t have a choice they have to get something right but if you do have a choice then you can pick something up even though you’ve identified so you could say all right I need It’s a choice that you’re making going in the right direction especially in those times where you don’t feel you have a choice you have to get something the more decisions you can make in the directions you’re going or the companies that you’re applying to more it feels like a positive so for example when I was unemployed for long. One of the boys to get into a nursery and a part-time job at a local nursery because I really enjoy as in the plants I would’ve been happy to get involved in the school for a while I thought it was gonna be another story no it it’s doing something that I enjoy doing but I haven’t considered it for a career But that was a survival situation that wasn’t what I wanted my career to be a steppingstone to the next thing what you’re really saying is we should be going to some Destiination we want to go on what is it take a positive approach to it so we can still perform and get paid because I know I went to the survival job and I got to the point where it’s like I hated going there and I’m sure it was affecting my mind honest with yourself but you still perform in a positive way that’s a really good point and that’s also true if your full-time job that just doesn’t pay well I talk to people who ask what do I do do I take the job doesn’t pay well and just stick with it whatever They don’t pay well and they probably would expect you if you have already on your resume something where you were paid well and they probably would expect you to find something better if they hire you that’s going to be a given and and that is one of the reasons why a lot of people don’t get hired when they’ve had better position because the company somewhere else on the organization doing a hiring fair wage and if you have an opportunity don’t get paid as well I don’t have any calls in telling people go ahead and keep looking for the right job but remember the pay is only the money issue money in and of it’s self is rarely a strong motivator is what money represents that triggers motivation so is it the security that flexibility You need to make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons pay by the biggest reason why people but really low-key very strong motivator for people to leave my job so if you take a full-time job make it clear that your life outside your work is still going to be a priority boundaries and so as you’re going to the networking events of the other things that you’re doing to look for other work that is an expectation that you have the flexibility to do things in your personal life without that Hirving your reputation on the Neutra you can do that I have to give them the 411 right on everything you’re doing as long as you’re performing for them right you say hey this is my boundary and I don’t expect you to go into that space I never agree or recommend to people I go to a networking networking group on a regular basis that is something that we do a professional activity that’s right everybody should be expected to do it God is really trying to find the right that’s gonna work for you so you can’t do that kind of activity in the networking in the interviewing and in that it isn’t going to become an obstacle for you to execute on your job search so many times I had a client that I was working when he said oh well this new job that I’m 70 miles away and I said what are you absolutely 100% committed to Syd job oh no I just need a job I just need something early planning to drive For a job that he did not want that you’re setting yourself up for a really rough experience I would not recommend and I have had jobs that I really enjoy doing it by the end of it probably a good idea to identify some deal breakers are the types of survival jobs you’re willing to take a really good point because we talk so often about making a list of all the things that you want to have in your next job making a list of dealbreaker because that’s going to keep your sense of clarity one in the presumption is you’re going to be taking a little bit less money for that job it’s not always the case but if it was the perfect job you would be calling the pay is going to be less that means you can have more non-negotiables in terms of location Do you need to take a day off to do an interview flexibility to do that right and if the survival job is working remotely that really makes it easy for a lot of jobs out there that don’t pay a great salary that they offer commission whether that’s taking reservations or doing whatever and they said you up at home I don’t know very many people actually made a career I don’t know anybody who stayed in those jobs long-term but that can be a really good survival job that gives you the opportunity to do the things that you need to do at home or close to home with you or anything else and still be productive because whatever it is you’re integrity is the one thing that you don’t want to damage they know that you’re probably going to be looking for something that’s going to set you up for a better success than what they are offering Scott that I seen people that were looking for the dream job and along the way up on something that’s like your something that I could you share that I could do that using that phrase but it’s not something you desire to do opportunities I’ve seen more people is like hey I don’t have anything full time but I got this contract gig I can give you maybe a third time and so there’s so many benefits to be out in opportunities are going to come into your heart anybody listening to this podcast please network get out there and talk to people really kept me going was participating in groups but also in going to a networking events when I was unemployed for long. My situation and people who are employed only to talk to other people who are seeking jobs and I think that’s great with people and the differences are always enough to keep things interesting but you can relate to one another if you’re not going to the people who are employed your cell yourself short because those of the people who are probably going to help you get your next job and as they know they’re going to be talking to the right people my case it would be going to their meetings or the association groups these are people that most of them are working So it’s really important to be with like-minded people not just those who are looking for word to people or know how to do the work you want to be with you are scared to go to a meeting where they don’t feel like there’s always it’s OK to be the one with the least amount of experience shows an interest in people I’ve been through all of those different for different jobs I mean the first time I was unemployed was in 2001 and that was after in the market I had so I just went from one Pick up a check and it was in my neighborhood people peoples homes pick up the check and I actually enjoy doing for other jobs like this contract work we mentioned before so many people don’t want to do it because it You’re probably do you have but at least you got catastrophic coverage so many times that can get you the full-time benefited position talking retail and delivering packages for the holidays we don’t want to discriminator or highlight any one of those because they’re those actually offered benefits for part-time people find a part-time job with a food service or what have you where I can work part time and get the benefits After that but I know the larger parcel companies generally do at least one of them I know but that’s a really good filter to use it if your truly desperate for a job that may not come into play but when you after or maybe you just look out your window and the guy in the brown truck every job has its challenges and every job has its benefits if we look at the survival jobs as there’s got to be something good in it and if you can’t find anything good about it so you can find me And I know it’s been around for a while but he never gave it much thought this is the website online postings it’s an aggregator there career builders a monster I’m more inclined to people towards indeed because I have to be at trans parent is it is a paid service have to pay it because I actually have a person that takes a look at these requisitions in it or ask with the employer to say is this remote work Remote position that you can do on the website a lot of people don’t know about a lot of people to know about it but I am always reminded another one and I don’t know probably came up to me as you were speaking is next-door next-door is a new social media platform Neighborhood are all the time saying hey can I get a pay somebody 20 bucks an hour to come pick them up did we talk about it all the time if you’re looking for you have a good feeling about maybe their marketing is good and see what they might have whatever catches your interest if it’s something that you can explore I’m not opposed actually walking into a place people to just look at a map A coffee shop somebody I know who is been retired now for a couple years and she had a chance to take a window and door company I don’t remember now how she got connected with him but she now works part time that she believes in her neighborhood Around people improving your communication skills if I go to my association website and start looking for smaller jobs association really good so whatever it is please if you’re out there and you’re taking a survival and don’t feel guilty if the neck Remember that the company who knows you have a chance to do better somewhere else we do appreciate your time and attention to hear that we share with you today you can access the show notes online it jobseekers radio.com/030 thanks everybody for joining us for this episode of job of time and your attention is truly appreciated if you have any questions that pop up that may not come up his questions and we can answer them Open your mind

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