031 How Do I Know When It’s Time To Quit My Job

It’s not uncommon in your career that you consider quitting your job. Scott and Andrew discuss ideas on how you can do so with consideration.¬†

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Pros and Cons or Make A Diagnosis
  • Evaluating your motivation
  • Identifying your support mechanisms
  • Making decisions and weighing the possible outcomes
  • Planning your escape to something better
  • Managing your current situation
  • Maintaining your reputation through a transition
  • Tactics to develop understanding of your situation
  • Coping with feelings and emotions you are experiencing¬†

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Today we help you decide when is it time to quit your job that is it the question. that comes out to everyone at some point in their career at multiple points. certainly do the response changes based on creating this podcast were in a really tight labor market where people can leave have an extra cake. really a diagnosis that I think we are people talking about the problem with doing a balancing act on this. Is that what is on one side versus another side. the priorities are Those things is changing and it’s a moving target and got a preacher pros and cons. generally recommend is for people to diagnose the issue so if there’s a diagnosis there are symptoms. and we’re gonna talk about that in just a minute you have to decide when you get to this point to do some self reflection. I think we talked about that a lot in our podcast regardless of what comes in it’s always good to take a step back OK and ask yourself the question. what are you gonna quit your job. when you can’t write what does that look like. people don’t feel like they can’t they don’t have permission or loyalty or whatever. real or not imagine, either way I talk to the motivation and Family is but it’s not all on you. have that conversation to determine when you really can’t because you may have support but you don’t have them on the other side those who don’t have a family to support think I’ll like it I could leave anytime it’s really important to try and figure that out it’s funny you say it that way because as you were talking all I could think of it as convenient excuses there’s always a convenient excuse that allows me to rationalize the decision one way or another and so we need to be honest with ourselves that were rationalizing it might be or it could potential he be different than we think that’s a really good point and the fact of rational at the idea that Rasche was Because I’m going to make the choice and I just wanna feel better about it you know what you’re doing if you rationalize it and then I’m going to wait to make that decision because I know I’m just rationalizing when I think I want to know what to do with it either way you are making responsible choices know what you’re doing understand that this is going to be part of the equation and it’s OK will the intention of this podcast episode is really to snap people out of what might be a pseudo-reality that you might be thinking oh everything’s great it’s Grant or I can’t leave the colors or fill in the blank with whatever thing you think is preventing you from doing something we talked about briefly before we came on here is actually going through all of these to make your situation ideal for you and the company but you just feel like I’m at the end of my rope and I think it’s really important It’s not just people that they care about your safety your you’re fine if you have truly tried everything you can to make the situation better and it’s just not going to get better I think that’s a really good indicator that it’s time to start looking it really depends on the organization is it the organization really is in a position to be at in employer of choice is to differ could be two different things when they could say yes I know I’m in a poor choice and I’m gonna use it to my advantage Laura Colby station for your benefit if you don’t want to stay fine right but that’s exactly right I have personal experience with organizations that say they are better than everybody else and they have a laundry list of reasons why they’re better Good trajectory with this organization and if you can just get through this situation current position that you’re in to get to where you’re going to buy all means keep trying but hopefully you have a proposed trajectory is it who are helping you get there if you see the trajectory by yourself and no one is supporting you or that you’re actually going to make it start looking for that position at other companies similar companies who are needed it really depends two on the size of the organization is is you get organizations there’s more quarters of the organization would be happy to have you That’s something else that I hadn’t really thought of until you mentioned it corners of the organization if you aren’t the type to connect quickly with people in your company and really be outgoing and make friends in other departments whatever that looks like that may be kind of daunting very introverted be overwhelming it so that’s going to be something where you have to strategically build close relationships with a few individuals who can help you get past that because I’ve seen people will actually move up in their careers they expected but because they actually have the ability to move up in the same company basically keeping their reputation alive and getting more this is a corollary to what we talked about before where you could have Anybody is Asian but they might have opportunities to move laterally leave it inside the organization I don’t have to train you I don’t have to ship that person to another and you might be end up being happier in that new bucket it happen when you find yourself facing the situations maybe you have a new boss or maybe you are a boss but have been given a new team the only caveat with thinking about the new job when those kind of changes happen is I generally tell people give it time let’s see if in fact that new boss or the new team isn’t a really good fit I think about a situation that I had where we had a new general manager come in I was director of sales and marketing and this new But what was really interesting with him once we got to know her a little bit and we were in a secret place we ended up being the Titus team find a new team don’t give up too quickly make sure that this is an opportunity for you to notice things when you get a re-organization or nearby just kind of understand why this is something I can make sure that you have open dialogue and people in your organization so that you are quiet in the corner in conveniently let go because you didn’t say anything there’s a lot of talk about change management you when you’re going to be presenting a change In the wise so that they can build awareness looks like quite the change is happening eventually you can get it for me for them but if your company is it giving that information to you you can manage your own change my asking the questions why is this change happening what are the risks of not changing what am I to expect to get out of this and again if they say oh well you got a job that’s all you should be grateful for here is an element that gives you permission to start looking because again if they’re not interested in caring about you there’s probably a company out there who does well in was recognize your Spidey sense right there might be something tingling and I don’t mean it that way Scott here’s the thing when something like that happens over and over again that’s a powder if it happens just one Do we feel underappreciated where these feelings coming from and why physical aspect I know people who maybe they deal with the really light weight depression but they just can’t get out of it right now because you’re in a bad situation at work when she was when she was getting overwhelmed and so we all know those of us who were close with her in a great great group of people in the moment and it wasn’t something that she would would complain about it just happened but there are other biological symptoms of a bigger issue and it’s important to know Companies benefit program because it might be something else you get professional help we don’t we don’t play psychologist on the Internet do I like what you know about being tired at the end of every day is a grind and you’re not the type to live in a grind them to contemplate the new job is probably a healthy choice would be something that if you feel like it’s you and I’m having a hard time dealing with it and I’ll also mention that if you are seeking Thera-P because of job-related stress that’s actually a workers comp situation when I was dealing with an employee relations People been mentioned to us that they were fun to deal with the stress at work and that that is something that the company will cover it and take it vantage of that and I could also when you involve neck and also help make things better within your department know a lot of us they go if I go to anybody in HR then they’re just going to get rid of me because I’ve become a liability I’ve actually seen it happen not the individual and the HR director came in and helped boss to improve while that may not be considered the norm it is out there going to an HP or some other benefit I think it’s a really good idea what maybe it’s not you so we need to determine through a diagnosis process Why do I feel this person is now causing me to stress question but if you can pinpoint it was something that happened at work that looks like that will give you an idea of what is really happening we do want to mention that if you decided you done the diagnosis and you decided yes it’s time to move efforts to find something you or to find out which companies you’re targeting or something because that’s going to start focusing your mind in the direction of improvement you’re going to start feeling better because we’ve been there with Bruce Lee believe he looking for something To understand that people are always looking for the next best deal but if that’s not in your DNA and you don’t feel comfortable with that remember them looking for other opportunities is it always about looking for a new job he could be looking for new skills that will make your current job better for you for other opportunities that knows more than you make things better for you in the moment don’t let that stop you from networking the other part of that maybe you are the one with the higher skill set and tan and that’s also going to make you feel better your transition planning when you decide that you want to leave an organization should be written down Write down a plan maybe even come up with some networking how many people do you want to go and if you have the time to do it if it happened at a time is convenient you don’t have to be unemployed to attend there are a number of them that if you are willing to actually get involved with the job we have friends that have specifically to answer questions and how people who are looking for work will have questions about the interview process and talk to somebody other than you and you can answer these questions coming back today Make sure the beds are in all your effort and then it’s easier when you’re unemployed because you have the flexibility generally I try to go at least once a week organization is large enough and you can start doing some informational interviewing inside the company or have a different table it doesn’t have to be something monumental sitting on the right San Jose the table I’m gonna go sit on the left-hand side if you have someone in your life that you can brainstorm with you or whatever that looks like I can help you break through your own barriers so ji I’ve been working on this I can’t think of anything you may be the time that the speaker is it for this episode of jobseekers radio in resources online at jobseekers radio.com/031 thank you all for joining us for this episode of the time and your attention is really appreciated iTunes and subscribed to get future episodes while you’re there please provide a rate and review that gives us valuable feedback to make this a better resource for you and if you have any questions please provide those as well we do answer questions in various podcast give us more to work with let us know what’s on your mind until next time keep dreaming not a better day

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