039 Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Networking for Jobs

Networking can present some new and unique situations, especially if you are looking for work. Andrew and Scott discuss the biggest mistakes to avoid when networking for jobs.

7 Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Talking About Yourself Non-Stop
  2. Not Asking Questions
  3. Not Talking About Yourself At All
  4. Not Asking For Referrals
  5. Introducing Your Resume
  6. Not Following Up
  7. Demanding Employment

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Open the job seekers radio I’m Andrew and I’m Scott this production is meant to provide you a meaningful support to find great careers whether you’re working or not today a job seekers radio we talk about mistakes to avoid when networking right the first thing that I tell people is something I have done in fact I am I want to prep a sketch that all of these mistakes were going to talk about today I have to experience what not to do because it’s usually embarrassing one side realize that this is what I’ve done in the first thing that came to mind when the question came up was talking about myself nonstop networking should be a 2 Way St. so if I’m doing that becomes a problem and they talk to you you’ll hear people talk about I have good communication is an 8020 to 80% listening I can argue with them I don’t think the percentage is really important but I find that my own style is one where I’m going to make connections that’s where I go first I’m talking to someone and they say something that resonates with me I don’t take the time to really listen deeply to what they’re saying and asking questions to die it is not because I’m trying to talk but that doesn’t always come across that way you know were talking about her self because were nervous were insecure we don’t know what we should be saying it’s really hard to not feel the air Looking over their shoulder dialogue Yep Yep we need to talk about it Tate not asking questions and a question actually makes sense active listening if you can do that by asking questions about tell me more about that or how does that work out for you or what did you learn What did your truly interested because you’re always listening to understand not just a reply or is that also leads to another mistake and that is not talking about yourself at all and that is huge for me so much that I feel like I had a great conversation but for that conversation and simple I really think that this idea of asking questions is something that some people miss but I have so many questions that I never get a chance to meeting is over I like the idea of approaching networking as having a purpose having a reason for going to the networking coffee with the individual whatever it is you want to eat if you’re asking questions How do you find the balance well where there is a good practice for me is to make that connection now I ask another question more about your experience because it has something similar in my background I’m hoping that the other person will ask me about it and so we really can you schedule the meeting meeting at 20 minutes in the first 10 minutes you’ve done nothing but ask questions a good person to look at the watches hey is it OK with you if I hear a little bit about me and want to try to accomplish the conversation you directions on some way to put it then I can put it I was just about to say the first time you try it it probably won’t feel natural get used to it it’s a really good way to shift a conversation and share a little bit about myself I have never had anyone say no the conversation by getting up here you have an opportunity to get the connection it’s a really good tool there are also those who talk about I have not but instead of saying but in the middle of a sentence you say that asking permission to grow up by mastering you will have a skill that will To the next mistake you should always not asking for referrals so we talked about talking about leaving time do you have an abbreviated amount of time make sure you leave time at the end to ask a referral not doing it really is a waste of time and dialogue you leverage another conversation you wanna have come out of it you know I appreciate your time I was really looking for introductions to these kind of people back to the idea and we talked about in the past about always having a project to work on it because everyone likes to get information and advice here is an opportunity in terms of referrals if you’re working on something that somehow relates to it Someone who could give information on that project is a way of getting referrals it’s really about how do I expand my network how do I throw the net a little further and so as I’m asking for more information and people get charged if you’re really struggling on how to ask for simple way to need to be this big thing that you’re nervous about it requires some kind of a preparation and practice it’s not a common that we recommend people because you make it into the fray and you forget or are you nervous either way if you write them down in a Vance question Constructed it also says the message that you were looking for the foresight to prepare for it that is a showing of respect don’t want to waste the other person turns out the conversation has gone outside the scope of work he wants to go but it’s been a really good conversation there’s nothing wrong with it but to your point you may want to have another conversation with them another time he very much rain down questions and having them ready is a good idea no matter the events that you’re going to whether it’s a group event or just one on one it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the next month What is introducing your resume please don’t give your resume at a networking event it shows that you had an all tear your motive is your credibility in having your resume if they wanted text message to them but you could attach the document on your phone whatever give them the resume when they ask at a networking event I don’t trust somebody who comes in with that in mind because that means that I’m not sure why they were talking today sorry John doing stay away the conversation from something beneficial for both parties to something that you don’t want it to be remembered If they know about who’s hiring or where the jobs are because we want to help other people when we don’t have an answer to that question now I’m afraid especially and if they may be in a company that they are not allowed to have these conversations without some kind a number of other reasons please please do not take your resume to a networking event or an a one on one after the fact he gives you an opportunity to follow up which as I say every time follow up is the most important step of any process don’t give it even today So really you’re working you’re building a reputation and you want that reputation to be yours and when you’re not following up with somebody you’re building a reputation that when I gave you or the contribution I meet you other people write this story every single time it is necessary to know whether or not your efforts have actually landed if you just let them know what happened do I really To follow up with Colin emailed the thank you card whatever that looks like just do it if you have the email address that brings it to the next mistake to avoid which is demanding employment no problem that people came to me through the company and the goalkeeper press on me can you recommend me friend of mine that I’ve known for a long time that I trust could do this job well can you please put most of the time I am not comfortable with they say yes I can’t wait to be credible give me this job and casual conversation and has a connection at all even if that is a mistake when you actually meeting for informal conversation having a dialogue with somebody Did you fill in the blank I’m prepared well if you didn’t know if it’s just a networking conversation it’s just a conversation if it doesn’t then when you are asking for the purpose of my meeting with you but I am looking for a job at what you said what are you perhaps well that does it for this episode You can find all the resources in this episode/039 we have to look at during this time and attention is in measurably appreciate really grateful if you could provide we also want to hear back if there something you want to talk about if there something that we can do better next time but it will get better

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