062 Networking Without The Sleaze

Networking can get a bad wrap. Often reaching out to people you don’t know can feel weird, awkward and uncomfortable. Selling frequently feels synonymous with sleaze. 

Scott and Andrew discuss ways to eliminate the sleaze from your networking efforts.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Sincerity definition and approach.
  • Mindset and thought process when approaching networking efforts.
  • Managing your identity and confidence.
  • Changing your current feeling about networking.
  • Upgrading your networking finesse and maturity.
  • Preparing for the networking meeting or group event.
  • Finding a genuine purpose for networking in the first place.
  • Answering the “what do you do question”.
  • The power of branding and asking questions.

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to provide you meaningful support to find great careers faster whether you’re unemployed brought to you by the anatomy of a networking conversation it’s an ebook a free pretty often the people that come to a Scott they have this approach avoidance people right so you have that in common when we talk about sincerity I found it helpful to look at the roots of the Word Sin Means Without Sarah is the Latin word ending material right for the highest end type of buildings they were doing whether it was a temple us in a little holes and imperfections the unscrupulous marble hi it you would then at at prime price you would then use it and product as being without wax it was real it was sincere right mindset matters how you begin the thought process of as you prepare event you have to be or even networking one on one You have to be perfect before I can actually do some short because my assumption is that when I go to I been unemployed for any length of time that part of my confidence made the you it allows you to manage both well and it for anybody who knows who Rene Brown is comes to being in the workplace whether you’re leader and employees whatever or you are the more sincere the other person will be now obviously there are limits to that respond to you your chances of recognizing it for what it is increases for lack of a better term whatever triggers us is often going to make us questions only if that’s the case and you’re looking for something within that you may have some Oh being sincere about that being mindful of the mindset doing networking for the first time you’re gonNA be uncomfortable that doesn’t mean you’re not confident or sincere but we go and we do it anyway and if networking to you feels forced us right then we we want to encourage you to take a different approach than that we’ve wouldn’t suggest that they had to be if you’re not into small talk go ahead and start gently them on your page right away and that takes a certain amount of finesse it does it it’s going to feel even more uncomfortable but it’s going to be a safe environment and you may feel at feeling awkward and still performing you will definitely be better at it when you’re in people about is how do you prepare what how have you prepared your thoughts before aww networking conversation would apply.

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I think where we’re at in this is probably have to have a certain set of beliefs about networking I I think before and you’re out of your comfort zone here’s an opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and learned something and the points within that so that you’re prepared to talk around what you want to talk about the talk about whoever they may be now you’re listening and people will remember makes it a lot easier for me just to look down and maybe re review them and working but I know it’s important and so I’m going to do it anyway I don’t know how you feel about this well you’re coming into when I say this is new to me or I’m not comfortable portent end so here I am all of a sudden I’m rooting for them because we always root for the Enron your head down and you know looking at your toes or looking right toes of the per- you know winging here we get to that point coming back to the idea of of insecurities else in the room is feeling pretty much the same way we all feel our insecurities doesn’t mean that we don’t get nervous ourselves I it’s my experience that most people in a networking MHM everybody has questions everybody has insecurities are nations if I don’t have ammunition like just a quick introduction a purpose statement and sometimes you’re thinking well I’m going to find a job well maybe but I okay because if if the only reason you’re going to our game vet is to find a job you’re bob from their networking event never right it’s about the same that get hired frequency for anyone to count on it so stop going to a networking event thinking you’re going to get your job you have some control over if you prepare well if you have your questions if you are curious what do you do well here’s what I’m working on I’m working on improving my networking skills this case scenario you’re you say that to someone who has a very small mind question directly and if they come back to it you can then say well I have this experience I had so why do you ask and turned so yeah ask answer the question right ask a question right but the thing is we’re all going to this event and we’re all kind of at Equal Act and our our our fallback responses oh I’m a consultant at it’s over I instead as we are thinking about these these events team that is being human what they get out of it may change and some people will truly be or they like to to see the what is happening in their industry and so like you can’t go to something with an agenda just make sure that your agenda unclear about the equilibrium factor is at are you doing all the because that always initiates the reciprocity just be clear you don’t have to fill the air in your nervous you tend to talk more when I realized that’s what’s happening I go back remade nearly every time and so this idea of authenticity honesty being genuine it allows thank you think of you when they see something that might work well I mean you can you can go to the name-brand Upfront Premier Shelf placement I out there be your own brand be you you be you I’m telling you the more Offense and enthusiastic about what they wanNA talk about because that makes my question’s read right and then also ask for connection to other people which is everything we talk about being a sincere we hope that you’ll give us some feedback you can find show put together you’ll find that there as well thank you for joining us for this episode of Job Seekers Radio and leave a review because here’s the thing the more people that hear this people to be a part of the conversation I’m Scott and I’m Andrew and in the Eddie.

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