075 Top 4 Things You Can Do To Find Meaningful Work in a New City

Moving to a new city can be a shock in itself. Even more so when you are talking about a new country. 

Scott and Andrew discuss high-value methods to finding meaningful work in a new city.

Top 4:

  1. Networking that includes a perfect excuse.
  2. Flock together with affinity groups.
  3. Leverage your spouses relationships.
  4. Join things.

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welcome to job seekers radio. I’m Andrew and I’m Scott this production. This podcast is meant to provide you meaningful support to find great careers ears faster whether you’re working or not. Today’s episode is the top four things you can do to find meaningful work in a new city. This is a really common circumstance that people find themselves all the time. It could be that you’ve relocated to a new city because your spouse or significant other has. You’re you’re going along with them. It could be that you had an opportunity to try something different because you were out of work and you wanted to move moved to a city that you really wanted to try out. There are so many reasons but it is. None of them are uncommon. The one I run into most often Scott is. I’ll have somebody come. I’m here on maybe an H1B Visa. And they bring a spouse along and the spouses some of them I’ve seen are like MD’s PhD’s I mean they’re highly educated. They have decades of experience. And they’re in a new country and they don’t know what to do and it’s a new environment and new experience and really we want to give those people an opportunity entity to really know that there’s four things that you can do today to change that circumstance or that situation. One person that I’ve been talking to recently has has come to the Portland area from New York City actually I’ve spoken to a couple of people from upstate New York and they want to be here. They both came here with great expectations. One because he wanted he and his family wanted to try out Portland though. They weren’t familiar with it. They’d heard a lot about the other. One actually got a job out here. In both cases they weren’t familiar with the people here they didn’t have a lot of friends. They had some acquaintances but thought they didn’t really know where to start and they’re probably in some shock. Yeah new surroundings getting used to new culinary norms shore. That idea of shock I I think is something that people are expecting when they go to a city especially when they th- chosen this city. Oh they heard so many good things about it it and how welcoming the city may be and how newcomers are really treated very well and they get there and they still find themselves sort of isolated. They don’t the people they don’t know how to take the next step or even what the next step out look like and so that shock is probably what everybody has in common. What most of the folks that I know are there in this situation? They do have financial capacity. They have a runway Brian on the they’re not really being stretched a capacity but they really really want to get back to work sure because they were highly valued in the country or the place they came from and now they’re in a place. Where wow this is the first? This is weird. I’m in a new country new city. I don’t really know anybody. I have all these skills and I just don’t know where to take him so the other thing is yes. They have financial resources but also they have a visa or What would you call it? A the the spouse might be hurting H. One B. But there’s a separate permit to work. They have to obtain Brian. So we’re not gonNA talk about the permits legalities right. It’s constantly changing or certainly not subject matter experts. But it’s important if you’re coming to a new country that you figure all that stuff out I will mention there are. We’re going to be some people who do come to a new city and we’ll put you in quotes in that scenario. It could be that they’re coming to this place either they haven’t been there for for many years and this is sort of coming back home. Maybe they’re moving in with a A relative for a temporary situation because because they can’t afford to stay where they were given the fact that they are no longer working and so they’re now say they’re moving in with her sibling and they’re going to land a job before before they get out on their own. That’s another scenario where they’re in a new place without having the network already established so all of these are possibilities las abilities how we we can’t take a lot of time to talk about the specifics on each one. But all of these do have some commonalities. There are things said all of us can do when we’re in that new environment. The number one thing to remember is that this is a perfect excuse so this is number one of the four. This is a perfect right excuse to do networking and when you reach out to people. Hey just give them your situation new country new city don’t know anybody. Would you have time for me. I don’t know anybody that would say no to that kind of approach in its very low stakes. It’s not hey find me a job and say I’m in a vulnerable place here and normally people will lay out a red carpet especially help you out. If you can tap into any individual who has really happy to be in their location you can find those goes on social media really you know. Hey isn’t it great here in any kind of question ask those the people that you can contact through social media to say. Hey I’m new in town and I’m trying to meet people who can show me around who not necessarily in the sense of take me to these different tourist sites show me around in in the sense of where our are people like me.

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Where do I kind of affinity? Yeah the idea that I want to network just to get to know people to your point the stakes are really low there and if we approach this with the idea that everybody likes to give information advice. They’d like to be helpful when all you’re asking for us to meet people that is a low enough bar that anyone can feel comfortable reaching out and saying let me help you especially when you go to those areas where they pride themselves on helping in people Portland happens to be one of them now whether or not they follow up. Well that’s a different topic one that we’ve actually already talked about in a prior podcast. Portland has a reputation of being being very welcoming to people and offering help. Here’s the opportunity and if the bar is low they will help. The biggest thing is just to have enough courage to get out of the the house Into a situation that might not be comfortable. especially if there’s a cultural barrier there is some cultures. It’s like okay. If I’m the spouse coming along young and I happened to be female. I’m to be the the diminutive Stand behind my husband kind of person and it just depends on the patriarchal society versus a matriarchal. Whatever that is no that here in the United States is perfectly acceptable to approach anybody and have a conversation so have some courage get out there eliminate that fear and just go for it? We’re not suggesting that you try to be somebody that you’re not or that you abandoned any cultural norms that you bring with with you honor those but at the same time that also will help you filter the kinds of affinity groups or opportunities that you avail yourselves because you don’t I don’t want to deliberately put yourself completely outside your comfort zone unless that’s something you normally do and I know people who love to get out of their comfort zone on a regular basis. Yes they do things with a group of people. They’ve never met or whatever because they get something out of that. They are in the minority. Really most people will be more comfortable with those that they they already know where they have commonalities. As I said we’ll get to that in a second. We do need to make a choice to get out of the comfort zone to go ahead and face that fear and it’s not that the fear isn’t normal or it isn’t real real or or even helpful. Actually it can be. We want to practice those skills that help us to reach past that so that we can get to the people that we need to talk to to set up those networks because we know so when you do the thing you fear. The death of fear is certain The number two of the four things is flock together. Often people come to newtown new city city new country. And what I’ve seen is they don’t realize they have this tool called linked in and even if they’re from out of the country. I haven’t seen anybody that could maybe identify at at least one person that went to the same college or one person that worked at the same company way back when well I have found that at least talking to the people from out out of this area whether that’s from a different part of the states or from another country I find it remarkable. How quickly people find someone from their home? I have not not yet met someone who is the only person in town from wherever they’re from. Maybe that’s just because I don’t know enough people seriously I I have yet to meet someone where there there isn’t another person from that home wherever that may be somewhere in proximity and so there are ways to find those people we do encourage people to find those as with those natural commonalities to start the conversations. What did you do to get more comfortable in this area? What challenges are you still facing even though Oh you’ve been here for X. amount of time it’s a natural conversation that is actually going to be really instructive on different things that you can do or things that you can avoid doing to get into your local community more effectively and you’ll have people who naturally support you in doing so because I’ve had a lot of interaction both when I sold real estate I helped a lot of folks from India and so my Indian clients selling real estate. And Those I’ve been coaching as a career coach. What I noticed is hey I know where the Indian grocery is I? I know the the restaurants are least the good ones right and the ones that they tell me to go right and there’s places of worship I mean. If that’s your thing you would be so surprised if you just took some effort to find a grocery arrest right or a place of worship if that’s your thing or not that’s up to you. They’re still going to be people there. Certainly only in the United States we are absolutely an international country I can think of three halal grocers all within in my local area to Indian. Grocer’s I know of three Asian groceries in the greater area all of these and when I go to these different in businesses I am the one.

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WHO’s the odd man out because I’m not free outsider? But I love the food so I by of course I’m also interacting with with all sorts of different people and I’m the type that when I go there they are looking at me. Like why are you here and not that they actually question it. They want to know the depth of my knowledge of what they’re selling. Obviously and I actually enjoy being the one to say. I don’t know anything about this helped me and they do and we build those has relationships. They’re also different places where you can go where you can discover those affinities quite by chance. I think about the liquor store that is closest to my home where we generally go most often and it’s a Middle Eastern family that owned said and we’re almost like family same thing for a restaurant restaurant in downtown Portland. We are regulars at this restaurant and their Lebanese and they treat us like we’re family any of these different places basis that you think of just in terms of Oh well I’m GonNa go enjoy food that from home or I’m going to go do this activity because it reminds me of of whatever group if you’re talking to the people who work there or who frequented often that you see these faces coming back that can happen at the gym and we’ve talked about that before different in places where you have those commonalities you have the same interests or similar goals strike up the conversations and let them know you know. I’m looking to expand expand my network. They will help you. The other thing I would suggest is if you go to to meet up dot com or what is it. Event right is one that we use in often. You can either to create your own or you can find a meet up for people around your area of affinity or interest and so that’s something we’ve always talked about probably have done a podcast or two. Yeah and mentioned some of those resources. So we’d encourage you certainly to download all the past episodes and binge those if you want to or pick and choose the different episodes that might apply to your a situation. I’ll also remind our listeners that we do have the book the net with the Anatomy of networking conversation. Once you find these groups then then go through the the book and remind yourselves of the different things you can do during those conversations so you really getting the most out of those conversations to to help you take your next steps. You can find the show notes in the resources at job. Seekers radio DOT COM forward slash zero seven five which will have the show notes for this this particular color episode Number three is leveraging. Your spouse’s relationship sent that would include significant other best friends. Whoever that those people that are closest closest to you whatever brought you to the area or whoever came with you if you know other people in the area have that person your spouse whoever it is introduce you to other people and then allow you to network beyond that one of the things that it’s sort of an aside? I think it’s really important for everyone to have their own friends. Not that they would share that with their significant other. It’s somebody that you can lean on other than your significant other to keep that networking conversation going. I know it takes us out of our comfort zone to do that. I have found that to be very helpful for both parties. Because neither of you feel like there’s a burden happening about getting the other person into a job. The experience that I’ve had with spouses specifically is that they come with the spouse the spouse’s working like like all they’re working unwanted bother them just getting rancher your on boarding there in kind of you know the ninety day probationary period or whatever you call it. They’re trying to get their feet wet at work. It really hesitant to leverage the relationships of their spouse and that’s understood and that’s totally understandable. That doesn’t mean that your spouse doesn’t run in circles for example with my Indian clients. I don’t know there’s probably eighty percent probability. They’re playing cricket okay. And the fact that they’re in a cricket league means that they have now personal connections or that you can leverage outside the office before we get too far out of the office one of the things that I think it’s important to remember. Is that when your spouse for example will just just keep on. Using this scenario your spouse is the one that brought you to the area and has a job and obviously is going to be working with and connecting with people. Well at work those other people want to get to know your spouse and so if your spouse is talking about you and the fact that you came together that you are looking to increase your your network. The chances are pretty good. That more than one person at your spouse says workplace will offer to say hey let me help or would at least be open to the idea of introducing both of you to their significant other and so people have a natural proclivity to help others. It’s one of the things that we can count on in human nature. It’s not inappropriate to leverage those to a certain degree to say yes. Let’s go ahead and make those connections John’s in my advice to someone who is new to the area.

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I’d say encourage your spouse to talk to his or her coworkers about you and about your interests and the things that you are interested in doing because they will be able to help you make those connections. Don’t assume that they don’t want to. They probably do and they don’t. I know how to bring it up. If you’re not asking for it just opened the door things will happen is amazing. How how many times you just knock on a door opens and things happen? If you don’t knock on the the door and the door doesn’t open the nothing will happen so the opposite is true. So the fourth thing to think about if you’re in a new town in new city new country is joining things. I think this is probably probably one of the most helpful things that you can do. And of course the gym comes up. I we’ve talked about it so I won’t Belabor it the idea that when they see you day after day after day they begin to trust you not because of anything that you may have said or done with them prior. It’s because they trust you to show up that’s different from the person that they once. If you walk up somebody you’ve never seen before they’ve never seen you and you try to strike up a conversation. I’m not suggesting that’s not going to be successful zestful if they’ve seen you fifteen times before it’s probably going to feel much more natural joining things especially like Jim. It can really help. Start the conversation simply because they’ve seen you especially if you join up for a special class and there’s a group and it’s Kinda captive setting maybe doing yoga just using that as an example apple. I think that’s the case before and after those kind of group classes to say. Hey let’s go grab a coffee or hey let’s go get some lunch or or extend. We’re here can you think of another group classes. Acid I should be taking a expand my my strengthen the corners and start out the conversation. And how long have you been doing this. Have you been going to other places to do this whether it’s racket ball or or yoga or good example any of the classes and you can talk about. It seems that you have a great capacity for this. You have quite quite an ability of. How did you get there and striking up? These conversations. Remember that the experience of that class or that activity also also helps to bond and I know spoken about tour groups for example where something big happens and they end up staying friends for life. The same sort of thing happens opens here where you build those relationships because you’re doing something together. It’s not just that you see each other but you’re actually participating together for a similar goal or at least to make it through that class and this is now your fourth class together. We’ll speaking of classes. You can also sign up for a class at the community college or a free session at the library are- or whatever that is join class where you know there’s going to be people and maybe it’s around an area of interest that you have similar to joining an association the local the chapter if you’ve already been connected with a trade association of some kind of those where you have a seminar and often these these different learning activities whether it’s at the library. Whatever they’re going to ask you to turn to the person next to you and have this conversation? You now have somebody that you can start the neck. Networking working conversation with is so the other thing is tells masters and I know that Cleon has a spouse this a lot I do too. That toastmasters is a great way to get your feet wet with communication here in the united estates if it’s a new country for you there’s always people there because you know what it’s not toastmasters unless you’re speaking right in front of an audience. I’ve talked to people and I will also admit to actually saying this. That public speaking is something that I’m already doing. And so the question is why would I go toastmasters and I will admit that you still hill can build your skills even if you’re an accomplished speaker. The idea isn’t so much that it’s going to transform you into wonderful public speaker. Although that may be true through this is really about getting together with people who are interested in doing the same things together and in this case it’s talking about public speaking. It is any affinity the group where you’re working together you’re having conversations with people and when you’re not talking about the task at hand you’re going to be getting to know each other. Here’s yet another way you to join something where you’re going to build those commonalities therefore building relationships and being able to expand your network and I haven’t been to a toastmasters club yet that didn’t and have somebody there that was in leadership and willing to help you and they find out that you need a job in. They’re willing to help you. Prepare for an interview or inept Dushi to some folks. I’m hook you up with the local resources that are available or job seekers. That’s just normal in a certainly we recognize that the traditional job search is probably something something you’re gonna be doing. You’re likely to be looking for jobs online and making applications going through interviews So don’t ignore that side of it right there. Those are the natural troll things that people do all the time and when we say the top four things you can do. We’re not talking about the only four things you can do to your point. We expect you’re GonNa be going through this anyway but these are the top four things that we find are most helpful that are beyond just getting the applications out there.

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It’s things that you have control over it’s Ways for you to build a network. I mean there’s so many things that you can do when you come to a new place. We’re trying to narrow it down to those things that we think have multiple values right and the most potential. The job search here in the United States might be a little bit different than what you’re used to and that’s going to be true from one side of this country to the other one in different brain from one company regents absolutely from one recruiter to another from one. Data doesn’t change that much. Yeah these are going to be different. Aren’t and exploring. The differences actually can help you in multiple ways. Don’t be afraid of those differences. Lean into it. You’re mentioning Yoga at the beginning of the concepts that I came away with early in my yoga practice is leaning into the challenge and how that simple concept granted definitely applies to your Yoga no-go class. It also applies to every other challenge. You have in life if it’s dealing with traffic if it’s finding the work whatever it is lean into it really stay grounded go out of your comfort zone do new things but don’t be afraid to try something new while you’re working within your realm whether that’s is your affinity group or whatever just a reminder we still have for you a free resource. It’s called the anatomy of a network in conversation. And let me tell you what this is. This is actually in e-book it’s free to you only have to do is go to the website jobseeker’s radio DOT com. It’s right on the homepage. You can also get the show notes in resources at job. Seekers radio DOT COM forward slash zero seven five. We mentioned that earlier and this book is not only in the book. It’s an opportunity for you to have the companion audio episodes from the podcast that are associated with that same series. Exactly we want to thank everybody for listening to this episode of Job Seekers Radio Your investment of time and attention and is really appreciated head over to itunes that link also is in the show notes on your mobile device. They’re the IPHONE. I guess it could be an iphone because that’s where I would. I everyday expects but if you hit the link there on your iphone in whatever podcast APP you’re using it’ll take you right over to itunes and you can leave a rate which is one step in the second step. The is a review in each time. You do one of those things. It really helps. Spread the message of what we’re trying to accomplish here on job seekers radio and that is to make this the single best resource source for job seekers on the interwebs. We also encourage you to subscribe to get future podcasts. And then to continually provide US feedback. If you have questions questions that are coming up. We enjoy the question and answer episodes that we do. So please send those are way as well and you can find those job seekers radio website as well well with the show notes and resources. Why Andrew and I’m Scott in the words of Jack Kerouac Olive? Life is a foreign country. Love it thanks everybody bye.

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