035 What Am I Going to Do When I grow up? Career Choices

Networking is the #1 way to find great new career opportunities quickly. Success in networking can be traced to your ability to communicate.

Using the Branding Statement to position yourself. Listen now to hear tips and techniques.

Don’t miss these Topics:

  • Consideration in making career choices to seek something better
  • Giving you permission to pursue your passion
  • Defining what your passion looks like especially for college graduates
  • Strategies to picking your options
  • Ideas around getting out in front of your post-graduation plans
  • Heightening your awareness of what makes you happy
  • Career experimentation and leaning into collecting experiences
  • Why making mistakes shouldn’t get you down or stop you
  • Move past the opinion of ONE person while looking for exceptions to the rule
  • How to relate with or combine hobby, money and work
  • Choosing between doing something and doing nothing
  • Listening to your gut (in a good way)
  • Change perspective change your world

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Today a job seeker really trying to answer where we are starting don’t have any or maybe I just don’t know what I wanna do when I grow up what do I want to do as a career we’re starting with the premise that you have a choice everything in life and your career is no different like you’re trapped specially if you’re stuck at the people overtime I don’t have to do anything but die I don’t have to pay taxes losing my home and everything else We may not have a wide variety of choices if that’s really what where do you start this whole process starts with permission we talk about this ad nausea is that we have to allow ourselves opportunity to give ourselves permission we can actually look at this idea of passion for ourselves professionally it’s OK to do what started this conversation about people coming out of college find your passion but that works for us General education program and they never found that passion network well whatever that looks like I look like a career right now you’re going to be mindful of how to turn that into a job later kind of flexibility now What we’re doing so really good I also recognize junior high dead and when I found is most people bit Because what am I gonna do now and I would never try to talk anybody out of getting up it makes it easier for them to not feel responsible for it remember that there are lots of variables involved I still recommend getting learning how to learn is probably the most Because to your point going to make you happy only person in the entire universe who can say Bybee ruin your life right now because you’re afraid of what or what if I make the wrong decision you have enough runway expect because making a mortgage or a family or other obligations that constrain some of your decisions that’s the type that I would suggest you do that if you’re not in that situation we’re gonna talk about this in a minute but if you’re not in it Difference is that there are certain individuals now that you should be consulting with to make these decisions with you absolutely and so creating this exciting future really has to do with maybe even currently or in the rearview mirror taking a look at those activities that you participated in that give you joy and excitement I need time evaporators recognizing all these things that you participated in and what is it mean to you and what are you up I was reading something this morning that at the comment was to find something that you are so passionate about that you’ve looked up for hours after you get started and think oh where did the time go that’s the kind of work if that’s the right word we all look for it when you have the opportunity to stop future about what Does it have activities that bring that kind of energy and a lot of it is going to be based on your own personal style so if you’re the type that you really like to read it do research or something that you can start looking at what topics could you research that you would really enjoy doing pretty good that somebody else is researching math and you may want to reach out to somehow doing that networking to find a dentist people there otherwise you’re going to get really passionate about doing physical things physical activities where they can exert a real personal power to our style preferences under those preferences this is what we call a vocation and if you look at the root word vocation that means calling these are things that you might be trying to to experiment part of this is Haigh which recognize what we’re told to put in there’s the other part thing and I really hope that happens in this process of buying it The new year with a new folding know people say oh well you’ll never get that time back yes but you had an experience you would never have otherwise can you can you just do it it doesn’t work out you adjust your course any find the one that works for you and and so the next word that I thought of when we are talking here is the idea of location you could take it to the next level and figure out something I told you that I love and still get back home and when you get there be like wow OK this is it now there are some things that I think that really brings you joy it’s really expensive to do so you don’t have the ability to do it very often right now don’t let that temporary roblox stop you from going further I think one of the things that I learned in my life is when I was young I allowed other people to tell me if I was good at something or if I was not as well-suited for it Toys I talk to young people now I tell them if you’re really passionate about something trying to do what McDonagh did in my estimation and I am maybe and opinion of one her greatest talent is not it’s not even dancing get marketing it self promotion with that talented she is a master at it how many times she reinvented yourself right this is all about marketing don’t let somebody else’s idea stop you from what you’re doing get that drive tell yourself know when it’s going to stop only you can stop it don’t let one person opinion or criticism stop you from moving forward because you’re not looking for the room you’re looking for the exception to the rule all the people the majority of people that never have tried it and have an opinion about it right you are the people that have actually tried it and been successful trust me it’s gonna be a minority of people at Subway but once you find a person you’re going to know OK You have the ability to do what she wanted when she started with some individuals doing a theater trip in Chicago she had this feeling like I don’t know about this but it feels like it could be dick and then when she auditions after years of lack of success when she was called into a audition for how she had that same I don’t know about this but it feels really good and she followed her gut instinct and look at what it what a great great story you made to be in a position where you think it OK Andrews got this all sounds great but you know how do I implement something like this how do I actually go out and do it I’m balancing all these responsibilities I need money money as part of this process it you know my hobby is a hobby I don’t know how I could generate money so I’ll be at the house resistance mechanism start coming into my mind I mean how doI how doI do thisThing well there areA couple of approaches thatI view And that is when you don’t do nothing it’s up Robert that comes from before her time and I have no idea where the source is the idea was we didn’t go do nothing if you don’t know what to do. Pay tension to what’s going on around you and the answer will come get it sometime there is great waste of an ass but it means that you have to practice patience not everyone has with a quote that I heard many years ago by General Patton and that is when in doubt do something but this is going to be more appropriate for those who are more sort it or want it past your pace getting out and doing something gives them an idea of whether not it’s going to work will get to the bottom solve the problem right I have a problem with solve this problem now what about knowing both approaches is if you can straddle the line between them you’re probably going to find some success here because if you move too fast you might Work so how do you think you should choose just do it honestly I think about Nike or just go do it right now so I’m a more action oriented task oriented person and although I like to analyze things I know at the end of the day so somebody’s got to make it and it’s got a B on me so if this brings it back to that idea and get back to your gut feeling. Ignoring what your what your emotions with your passions are telling you for those who are coming out of college and they have no idea what they want to do with their life that got feeling is going to be giving them a lot of information that they don’t have any practice with so get out there and practice with it see what happens edit for research is your thing figure out a way to get some research done and find the details that will put you can put that big picture together if you are actually doing what are you got to lose nothing to do something I heard this actually on our talk time is wise if you change yourself because your energy if you change yourself YouTube Are going to change probably right that there are also those who believe that reality is only how we individually interpret the stimuli that come to us and that everyone is having a completely separate experience regardless of any of those details if you change your perspective you change your world that with this is about when you get to share that with the world sure is all we need to change and do what you’re called to do it you love it you’re actually making the world a better place I would agree and if you get paid to do it even better I find myself in that situation where I get the opportunity to help people like this podcast is one method but helping people and career transition of some kind whether that’s a promotion or get laid off and he need something else or stay at home mom for 20 years and you know how do I get back into the work week will be different things I really feel called to do because I don’t like seeing people suffer and I like it Which of course we talk about every nearly every episode here but the idea is to ask other people what they think it doesn’t matter I would never ask a question what do you think I should do because no one else can answer that question I wouldn’t even ask what would you do if I remind it if you were in my position because they’re not but if you start asking questions about whatever it is that you think might interest you find people who know something about it does the people that you’re asking what isn’t that the definition of networking if you’re put it out there that this is something you want to know more about it you’re talking sent you doesn’t know anything about it but they know somebody else who might that’s the definition of networking this is what we want to do start asking questions talk to people who may know something different or may have a different perspective maybe somebody buys a lot of experience but don’t neglect those who have no experience just ideas because you might be onto something that is truly revolutionary don’t let that stop you either You’re going to be when you grow up is entirely up to you and whether you’re just out of school or you know somebody that’s our age well I don’t have a Greger yet what time is the new gray yeah I guess whatever it is will be the change that you want to see in the world right you know that I think that something that we could all use in our daily walk in our careers to know that we’re actually making a difference if it’s something else that occurs to me is for those who continue on the family business and they are they may be criticized in some fashion by those who see that as being an imaginative if that’s really what you want to do do it because again we’re looking for the things that that we can get really deeply involved in and look up four hours later and think where did the time go without feeling of having having spent those four hours doing it I’m behind as you start to shift and they will be shifting with you it will be a much more rewarding experience as a result well if you have markers do you have people along the way that can document your success of participating in it with you right into that cool community building a community is super important because those people that help you you can intern help later absolutely and I would also caution trying not to listen to much supposed to tell you can’t do something whatever that looks like girl well you know do you really think that’s wise at this point come up with a response yes it is and then move towards back towards the idea of people who want you to stay where you are not going to be the ones that support you in moving forward and if it’s somebody like a spouse this mail comes into other issues because if they’re not supporting you because they’re relying on you they are absolutely going to need to be part of the change Also download a free resource it’s called the anatomy of a networking conversation at the e-book download it you can grab it off of our website absolutely free to you just go to job seekers radio.com/035 to get the shield out and the free download send it over to iTunes and subscribe to get pewter podcasts and while you’re there if you provide us a rating really appreciate it until next time she want to see in the world.

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